3rd Grade Back to School

3rd Grade Back to School Activities for Google Slides

Back to school in 3rd grade is an exciting time. The start of a new school year is an exciting time for both teachers and students. For 3rd grade teachers, it’s essential to plan engaging activities that foster connection, establish classroom management, and set expectations. With over 70 interactive back-to-school activities designed specifically for Google Slides, this resource will make your first weeks of school a breeze. From icebreaker games to goal setting activities and writing prompts, these activities are tailored for 3rd grade students, allowing you to get to know your students and create a positive learning environment from day one.

All About Me Activities

Encourage students to express themselves with a variety of All About Me activities. From taking a selfie to completing questionnaires and creating personal profiles, these activities provide insights into students’ interests, goals, gifts, and talents. This section helps build connections among students and promotes self-expression.

3rd grade back to school activites

Get to Know Your Teacher

Kick off the school year by introducing yourself to your students. Share a welcome message and engage them with a teacher profile activity that includes leading questions or blank boxes for personalization. This activity helps create a friendly and welcoming classroom atmosphere.

Social-Emotional Learning

Support your students’ emotional well-being with activities focused on anxiety calming strategies, gratitude, mood tracking, positive habits, positive self-talk, and identifying personal character traits. These activities help students understand and manage their emotions while fostering a positive mindset and self-reflection.

Classroom Ice Breakers and Co-operative Games

Break the ice and encourage teamwork with fun and interactive ice breaker games. Engage students with a Q&A Classroom Scavenger Hunt, Would You Rather? game, Buzz around the room activity, and creative writing prompts like acrostic poems. These activities promote communication, collaboration, and a sense of camaraderie among students.

3rd grade ice breaker games

Classroom Expectations and Guidelines

Establish clear guidelines and expectations for your classroom community. Engage students in discussions about the traits they would like to feature, create classroom guidelines/rules, and explore what the classroom should look like, sound like, and feel like. This section fosters a sense of ownership and cooperation within the class.

Writing Prompts:

Ignite your students’ creativity and writing skills with a range of writing prompts. From imaginative stories to personal reflections and descriptions of inspiring people, these prompts encourage self-expression and critical thinking.

Just for Fun

Wrap up the back-to-school activities with a word search and a creative “Design your own desk name tag” activity. These fun-filled activities add a touch of enjoyment to the learning process.

With over 70 interactive activities crafted specifically for 3rd grade students, this back-to-school resource in Google Slides provides an array of engaging opportunities to connect, establish classroom management, and set expectations. From icebreakers and goal setting to writing prompts and cooperative games, these activities are designed to create a safe and productive learning environment. By understanding your students’ strengths, challenges, and social-emotional needs, you’ll foster a strong rapport that leads to a successful and enjoyable school year. Embrace these activities, adapt them to your students’ needs, and watch your classroom thrive!

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