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Hi, I'm Sarah Anne ,

Welcome to Sarah Anne’s Creative classroom.  I have been teaching for 20 years in schools around the globe.  I have had teaching adventures in  California, Maryland, Australia and countries in the South Pacific.  One of my most rewarding teaching experience was in Maryland in a Title 1 School.  My passion for creative teaching solutions  really fired up at this school.  Student testing scores were down, funding was limited and student engagement was at an all time low.  I experienced first hand the range of pressures students face inside and outside the classroom.  I started creating my own teaching resources to send home to students to support their learning in creative ways.  The students responded really well to and embraced new ways of interacting with their learning.  Their grades, attendance and happiness in the classroom started to lift as a result.

My my recent teaching role was the Learning Technology coordinator at a Kindergarten-Grade 6 school.  This role allowed me to train teachers to integrate technology in meaningful ways across the curriculum.  Technology integration such as Google Classroom has given teachers opportunities to differentiate their lessons with ease and create activities that cater for a range of learning styles.  Through quality technology integration in our school, we are one step closer in preparing our our students for life and careers beyond their school years. 

Sarah Anne’s Creative Classroom is a place for teachers to find resources that will help ENGAGE our students, promote a LOVE of learning and SUPPORT ALL STUDENTS in our community. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Sarah Anne

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