Brain Breaks for Kids

Brain Breaks for kids are life savers for teachers and essential for students who are restless, reluctant and anxious. Brain Breaks are a simple technique for students of all ages to provide a short mental break to keep them focused during learning time. We can all relate to sitting for too long and getting restless or bored. Brain breaks for kids is the perfect solution to supporting students who find sitting in one spot a challenge. They are also a fabulous way of inserting a bit of cheer and fun into your classroom.


20 Brain Breaks ideas for the classroom

Try out some of these brain breaks in your classroom…

  1. Simon Says
  2. Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes
  3. Stretching Breaks
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Running on the spot
  6. Musical chairs
  7. 3 minute dance party
  8. Balloon Volleyball
  9. Yoga
  10. Relaxing Music – students laying on the floor
  11. Jog around the school grounds
  12. Mindfulness colouring
  13. Deep breathing meditation
  14. Indoor scavenger hunt (“How many #2’s can you see in the room. Letter a’s can you see…)
  15. Juggling – have a bag of tennis balls or small bean bags. Practice juggling for 3 minutes
  16. Class game of heads up
  17. Just dance dance instruction videos
  18. Clapping games
  19. Quick moment outside 90 seconds of skipping
  20. Class game of Charades

Students can also take control of their own brain breaks with QR codes and an ipad. Put these posters on the wall and the students can scan a movement break and find a spot in the classroom to carry out a 3 minute movement break. This also works well if you have an individual student that needs more breaks than the remainder of the class. Use these classroom posters to send your student off for their own brain break while you continue to teach the class. Find out more here…

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