Five tips for calming students in the classroom

calming students in the classroom

Here are five tips for calming students in the classroom: 3. Deep Breathing Exercises: Teach your students deep breathing exercises as a technique to manage stress and anxiety. Encourage them to take slow, deep breaths in through their nose, hold for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly through their mouth. Practicing deep breathing exercises […]

Persuasive Writing Picture Books

persuasive writing picture books

Teaching persuasive writing with picture books help guide and inspire ideas for your students during the planning and writing process. Picture books and mentor text bring persuasive writing to life for students. Here is a handy collection of 15 persuasive writing picture books you can use to inspire your students when teaching persuasive writing. 1. […]

Thanksgiving Wordsearch


Don’t you just love a freebie 🙂 Well this freebie is a Thanksgiving wordsearch. It could be a fun and relaxed activity as you ease into the Thanksgiving week. If you are looking for a print and go activity for your students this Thanksgiving, then download this wordsearch. I have chosen a range of Thanksgiving […]

Thanksgiving Activities Freebie


Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving activities bring the Thanksgiving spirit into the classroom at the perfect time of the year. Students love thanksgiving puzzles, thanksgiving crosswords, bingo, word searches, word jumbles and much more.  This 50 page activity bundle includes 25 activities with all answer sheets as well. It is divided into four sections, Thanksgiving Language arts […]

Halloween Writing Prompts


Halloween writing prompts are a great way to keep your students focused and writing on Halloween. The following writing prompts are perfect for narrative writing and journal writing and can help get the creative story writing ideas flowing: Halloween Writing Prompts . You might also enjoy 30 visual and written editable Halloween Writing Prompts. .

What is Narrative Writing?


What is narrative writing? The purpose of a narrative writing is to tell a story. Narratives may be written as a story, poem or play and can be either fiction or non-fiction. Narrative stories include an orientation, complication, resolution and ending. A narrative stories are written to entertain and share personal or fictional experiences with […]

Brain Breaks for Kids


Brain Breaks for kids are life savers for teachers and essential for students who are restless, reluctant and anxious. Brain Breaks are a simple technique for students of all ages to provide a short mental break to keep them focused during learning time. We can all relate to sitting for too long and getting restless […]

5th Grade Memory Book for Elementary Graduation

5th grade memory book

Your students will love to have a keepsake from their elementary school graduation.  If you are looking for ideas for elementary school graduation during covid-19 and distance learning, then this might be an easy solution. My Elementary School Memories Book (Editable for you to customize and personalize in Powerpoint or just send it out via Google Apps). […]