Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween writing prompts are a great way to keep your students focused and writing on Halloween. The following writing prompts are perfect for narrative writing and journal writing and can help get the creative story writing ideas flowing:

Halloween Writing Prompts

  1. You won’t believe what happened this year.  We were all sitting on the step in our costumes when….
  2. We decided to take a walk through the corn maze before heading out trick or treating.  I was dressed as a witch, all 4 of us had spooky costumes.  5 minutes into the maze we were lost, the most unexpected thing happened next…
  3. Jack has spent months growing pumpkins for the state fair.  The day was finally here, he was ready to load his pumpkin on the truck with his dad and head to the competition. It turned out to be a very memorable day….
  4. I was walking through the woods on a dark and stormy Halloween night when..
  5. My Dad bought new decorations for Halloween this year.  He bought a skeleton that stood in our front yard.  On Halloween night I walked past it and it started moving and then talking to me…


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