Multiplication Facts Practice

Multiplication color by number Google Classroom

Gaining mastery of multiplication facts is the perfect activity for students during distance learning. Multiplication color by number using Google classroom is the perfect platform for students to repeat interactive activities and master their times tables speed and accuracy. Distance learning creates a range of additional challenges of engagement. Multiplication color by number provides instant feedback to the students if they have the answer correct. Activities that allow for students to repeat the activity to improve speed and mastery. Bonus interactions like digital mystery pictures add an extra element to engagement as well. 

 Take a look at this product. It provides activities for 1 to 12 Multiplication Tables.  This interactive digital color by number multiplication facts activity for Google Classroom is perfect for students in all educational settings . The activity provides instant self grading and self checking feedback for students to gain mastery with their times tables. As the student answers the question correctly, a green box appears and the mystery picture begins to form. This provides students with instant feedback and motivation to practice their multiplication tables. 

On completion of the multiplication color by number activity, students can delete their answer and complete again. This google sheets activity is editable, so you can modify the instructions to differentiate for your students and even add additional instructions such as timing the students to encourage quick recall and mastery. Perfect for home learning, distance learning or blended learning. These interactive google classroom activities that is more engaging and effective than the standard multiplication worksheet or maths worksheet. Mastery of multiplication will provide support to the Common Core Operations & Algebraic Thinking Domain.

multiplication color by number

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