Graphic organizers for narrative writing make teaching narrative writing a breeze. They allow your advanced writers to move ahead at their own pace and provides essential scaffolding for your more reluctant writers. Graphic organizers also help provide essential scaffolding for your more reluctant writers. You can purchase the narrative writing interactive notebook, which includes the entire narrative writing process.

narrative writing graphic organizer

Plan your setting

Think about all the senses when planning the setting of a story. Include the looks, sounds, smells, feeling, taste and time in your narrative graphic organizer.

narrative writing graphic organizer

•Create your Character

When developing your character, students should develop the whole character to help bring the character to life with the reader. Consider, name, what they look like, interests and likes, things the character hates, personal traits and descriptive words to flesh out the character.

narrative writing graphic organizer

•Graphic Organizer for Narrative Writing. Build suspense with a Narrative Story Mountain

Narratives are always much more engaging if they have a dramatic story build up. The story mountain narrative planning graphic organizer will help develop the suspense as you lead into the story.

narrative writing graphic organizer

•Graphic Organizer for Narrative Writing. Beginning, Middle, End Story Planning Page

This is a well worn planning format for narratives. It is basic but essential. some students focus on their complication and forget to bring it all together in their conclusion. Other students jump straight into the problem before they have introduced the characters. This graphic organizer will help ensure the students remember to kick off the narrative and wrap up in the end.

narrative writing graphic organizer

Language & Literary Devices

Before the students kick off their writing, make sure they think about literary devices and transitional words. If literary devices such as hyperbole, similes and metaphors are at front of mind for the students, their stories will be enhanced and a lot more engaging to read. A graphic organiser will help them plan for a more engaging and expressive narrative.

Literary Devices

50 Free Prompts for narrative writing

If your students are struggling for ideas, subscribe to my blog and get 50 narrative writing prompts as a free instant download. This bundle also includes narrative writing prompts with pictures. These prompts can make a great bulletin board display, narrative prompt folder or just email the pdf to each of your students and they have a supply of ideas always at hand. Sign up in the sidebar and download now.