persuasive writing picture books

Persuasive Writing Picture Books

Teaching persuasive writing with picture books help guide and inspire ideas for your students during the planning and writing process. Picture books and mentor text bring persuasive writing to life for students. Here is a handy collection of 15 persuasive writing picture books you can use to inspire your students when teaching persuasive writing.

1. Let’s Get a Pup By Bob Graham

2. The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.

3. The Perfect Pet by Margie Palantini & Bruce Whatley

4. What pet should I get? Dr Seuess

5. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka

6. Duck! Rabbit! By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

7. I want a new room By Karen Kaufman Orloff

8.I Wanna Iguana By Karen Kaufman Orloff

9. Red is best. By Kathy Stinson

10. Earrings By Judith Viorst

11. Hey Little Ant. By Phillip and Hannah Hoose

12. Stella Writes an Opinion

13. Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the bus By Mo Willems

14. Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up late. By Mo Willems

15. Can we save the Tiger? By Martin Jenkins

If you are looking for writing prompts for your persuasive writing, take a look at these.

You can also check out narrative writing resources here too.

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