Thanksgiving Activities Freebie

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving activities bring the Thanksgiving spirit into the classroom at the perfect time of the year. Students love thanksgiving puzzles, thanksgiving crosswords, bingo, word searches, word jumbles and much more.  This 50 page activity bundle includes 25 activities with all answer sheets as well. It is divided into four sections, Thanksgiving Language arts activities, Thanksgiving Maths Activities, Thanksgiving Puzzles and Thanksgiving Kindness Activities. You can download the entire collection of activities right here.

Classrooms can never have too much gratitude and kindness 🙂 My hope is this activity bundle will take a little pressure off your planning time, while also incorporating a few gratitude and  kindness activities into your classroom over the Thanksgiving season. 

The activities in the freebie includeS:

Thanksgiving Crossword
Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness Challenge


  • Maze
  • Crossword (with answer sheet)
  • Word Search (with answer sheet)
  • Thanksgiving Menu Planning Activity
  • Decorate the Turkey coloring or craft
  • I Spy Thanksgiving theme (with answer sheet)
  • Thanksgiving Bingo Game (whole class or small group)
  • I Am Thankful – Pennant (Décor for your classroom)


  • Word Jumble (with word bank – easier)
  • Word Jumble (no word bank) – (with answer sheet)
  • Writing: 
  •               I am Thankful for – Top 10
  •               I am Thankful for you – letter template x3
  •               Describe Thanksgiving to a person from another country
  •               Describe your special family thanksgiving traditions.
  •               Write a list of 10 things you are thankful for this year.
  •               Thanksgiving Dinner Famous Guest writing prompt.


  • Secret Code Breaking Puzzle  – solve puzzle and create your own
  • Multiplication 2 digit times 1 digit (2-4 times tables)
  • Multiplication 2 digit times 1 digit (3-8 times tables)
  • Multiplication 3 digit times 1 digit & 3 digit times 2 digit


  • Random Act of Kindness – 5 Day Challenge
  • Random Act of Kindness Video and Question sheet
  • Random Act of Kindness writing task

Whether your students are learning remotely, in class or perhaps even a combination of both, these activities will fill your Thanksgiving week with joy, gratitude and kindness as well as Math and Language Arts.  If you have the time, try challenging your class to the Thanksgiving Random Acts of Kindness Challenge.  It is a wonderful way to watch your students experience the joy of giving, whilst also feeding a very positive culture in your classroom.  See more resources about Positive Behaviors here.

Thank you so much for coming by and downloading this resource.

If you are downloading this in October, feel free to check out some Halloween themed writing prompts if you like 😊

If you have any questions, or product requests please drop me a line and let’s chat. I am always looking for product requests and would love to create a product for you. Drop me an email and let’s chat. 🙂


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