World Kindness Day Activities

World Kindness Day activities are the perfect day to promote kindness in your classroom. Teach your students the joys of giving and receiving kindness. World Kindness Day is a great day to incorporate kindness activities into your day. Give these a try:

Thank You Card

Write a thank you note to a local community helper. This could be a nurse or doctor or postman in your local community. Write them a letter and deliver it and see the joy the letter gives them.


Give 3 compliments to classmates during the day today. Take a note of how you feel and how the other person reacts to your compliment.

Kindness Box

Give each student a page with paper hearts. Students cut out each heart and write something special about people in your class. Teachers can put the students names on the hearts before handing them out to make sure no one is left out. Cut out the hearts and them in the kindness box in the classroom. Teacher hands out the hearts at the end of the day or throughout the week. Leave the box in the classroom and make a routine of students putting compliments into the kindness box.

Self-Care Kindness

Write a list of 3 things you are grateful for. Try and do this each day for a week. There is evidence to show that reflecting on gratitude and kindness of others increases happiness by 25%.

Support your classmates

Find one moment in your week to support a classmate. Help them if they are stuck with their work, lonely on the playground, lost something or needs someone to talk too.

Take a Random Act of Kindness Challenge

random act of kindness activities

Decorate your classroom, challenge your students to practice kindness and encourage a culture of kindness as the norm in your classroom. Find 30 pages of activities in this Random act of Kindness Bundle. Available in Google Slides and PDF format.

Happy World Kindness Day

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