Writing Prompts 4th Grade

Many 4th grade students fear the dreaded blank page when faced with narrative writing and opinion writing in English Language Arts. Take the fear of the blank page away with 4th grade writing prompts with pictures. Your writing prompts have to be creative to get the imagination activated for your reluctant writers. 4th grade is a great year to unlock the potential of your budding authors. They have mastered the basics of letter formation, basic spelling and basic sentence structure. Now is the time to unlock their potential and get the ideas to flow.

4th grade writing prompts

3 ways to make 4th grade writing prompts creative:

  1. Create your own writing prompts with pictures by asking the students to share a photo from their camera roll and email it you. Collate the photos into a slide show and each day choose a new photo. As a class you can brainstorm a list of who? what? when? where? why? how? This is a great start of the year getting to know you activity as well. Collect a photo from each student at the start of the year and use them as the year progresses as class writing inspiration.
  2. Print out a collection of photos (from the students or your own collection) and create a bulletin board of images. Students can grab post it notes at any time during the term and add Who? What?When?Where? Why? around the photos to create a board full of writing inspiration ideas.
  3. 4th grade writing prompts bundle. Grab 200 visual writing prompts ready to go. This resource has 50 personal narrative writing prompts, 50 fictional narrative writing prompts and 100 persuasive writing prompts. Print them out, create a writing prompts folder, writing prompts bulletin board or simply email them to your students so they always have 200 writing prompts on hand. If you are using google classroom with your students, then you purchase this in a google slides format too. The files are also editable, so you can customise, differentiate and duplicate the cards to use in a range of settings year after year.

Good luck with your writing sessions. I hope these tips will get your 4th graders writing before you know it.

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